Over the years, I’ve been a huge advocate of eating clean (and I still am!). But after losing baby Nora in the summer of 2017, my entire body felt out-of-whack. I knew that I needed a change, I just wasn’t sure what it was. That’s when the 131 Method began to take shape for me, when I realized clean eating wasn’t enough!

Developed by health & fitness expert Chalene Johnson and an incredible team of researchers, functional & integrative medicine doctors, registered dietitians, etc… 131 Method answers questions that have otherwise been unanswered when it comes to what it truly takes to lose weight, keep it off, & be healthy. So much of what we’ve been “fed” by the diet industry and even major government and health organizations is misleading and wrong. People are frustrated, confused, and ready for a change. This method was created to set the record straight!

There is no “one size fits all” approach. And calorie counting, chasing the latest diet trends, portion control and impossible food rules doesn’t really work, especially long-term. We don’t need to be “ON a diet.” We need to “HAVE a diet” specifically customized for our DNA, gut health, and body’s needs. That’s exactly what this is!

With this method, you will learn first-hand how your body REALLY works — and I will be there to support you along the way!

  • Learn from top doctors, experts, researchers and dietitians, so you can finally understand how your body works, why you’re doing what you’re doing, and what your body specifically needs.

  • Identify the root cause of any “leaky gut” or inflammation that may be causing you to hold on to excess weight and not feel your best…so you can reverse it.

  • Follow a step-by-step process to balance your hormones and ignite your metabolism.

  • Use a proven system to test different dietary approaches and create your own customized plan.

  • Get access to 131 membership site with tools, resources, and recipes, plus access to a team of Registered Dietitians and a community of people doing this with you, so you get the support and answers you need.

I’m here to make sure you get the best results and fully understand what your body needs! Here’s a quick video from me explaining it further if you want more info! Let me know if you sign up, and I’ll get you added to my support group on Facebook!