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Welcome to BarefootFitJess Coaching!

Hi, I’m Jess and thankful you have found me! I would love to help you act on your desire to find a healthy balance in life! ¬†I know it may feel overwhelming, but I am here to provide you options so that you can choose the path that works best for YOU.

More About Me

I’m Jessica Sanford, a mom of three, including twin boys, and a wife to an insanely talented musician/singer! After earning my Masters in Applied Behavior Analysis, I spent my early career working with kids/families with developmental disabilities, mostly autism. When I became a mom, I felt led to stay at home with our daughter. I found myself very out-of-shape with a host of unhealthy habits, and after weaning my daughter from breastfeeding around a year old, I was open to learning how to live a healthier lifestyle… and my life changed forever!

I devoted my time to learning about creating habits that would lead to optimum health and then began sharing that with others, which morphed my career into helping others apply behavior change to live healthier, happier lives… so here I am, a Health Coach to help you FIND YOUR BALANCE. I take and teach a more holistic approach to living and strive for simplicity, which makes it easier to stay connected to the source. BAREFOOT isn’t just part of my name because I workout barefoot (I do, and I try to be barefoot as much as possible throughout my day), but it also reflects my desire for simplified living. I’m grateful to be able to connect with like-minded people and be an influence of positivity! No matter where you live, I can be here for you!

I recently suffered the stillbirth of our last daughter and underwent a c-section for the first time. I’ve experienced first hand how important it is to have a healthy mind-body-soul connection and positive support from others to get through difficult times in life… and that experience has fueled me even more to grow & expand my services as a healthy life coach.

Ways I’m Here to Serve YOU

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