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Welcome to BarefootFitJess Coaching!

Hi!  Thank you for checking out my site! I would love to help you achieve your desire to find a healthy balance in life!  I know it may feel overwhelming, but I am here to give you individual support & plug you into positive, supportive online community with others who are going through some of the same things you are.  As your free health & fitness coach, I will be your main informant & guide to reaching YOUR goals!  Whether you workout at home or the gym, I can help you make fitness part of your life.  I am very passionate about nutrition, and it will be my mission to help you improve yours!


More About Me

I was an exhausted, overweight mom of a one year old when a friend encouraged me to join her online group about improving health & fitness… and little did I know how my life would be forever changed!  I was hoping to lose 15, maybe 20 pounds, and I ended up losing 50 POUNDS!  I’m proof that you can make changes slowly, not really knowing much about fitness or clean eating at first, that lead to making HUGE changes!  I used to hate to sweat, but exercise became rewarding.  I didn’t even really own workout gear, hence why I’m BAREFOOT Fit Jess (plus, it turns out that I love yoga!).  But, I pushed through my workouts, most were just 30 minutes a day that I could get in while my daughter napped, and I started feeling stronger & seeing results.  Once Shakeology was added to my daily clean eating, I reached my healthy weight & was in the best shape of my life!  I still love chocolate, but my insane sweet tooth diminished, and I no longer found excuses to go through drive-thru’s while out & about.  The best part… I kept the weight off!

Following a miscarriage towards the end of the 1st trimester of my second pregnancy, I got pregnant with twins!  I had a healthy pregnancy, but my body ran out of room, so they were born eight weeks early.  They were healthy, but small.  We were out of state for their baby shower when this happened, so we had to live in the Ronald McDonald House a block away from the NICU for eight weeks!  Being displaced from home during what was just supposed to be a long weekend visit away, turned into a trying two months of an emotional roller coaster. My beloved healthy routine was thrown out the window, and even though I still had my Shakeology every day & some healthy snacks on hand… to be with my babies as much as possible, I ended up eating out at least once a day & eating the free (mostly unhealthy) meals graciously provided by RMHC.  Besides walking around the hospital & downtown Birmingham, I didn’t get any real exercise in during that NICU stay.

When we FINALLY got to be released, we moved straight to our hometown to be around family and put our house in Nashville up on the market.  My husband had moved our whole house to Alabama without me.  So, here we were with now three children, two preemie newborns, living in a new home.  I was DETERMINED to find my healthy routine again, but it took some time, for sure.  I started with the 21 Day Fix program to help me with eating healthy foods, pairing them together, and portion control.  Since I breastfed the twins, I got to add in extra food each day, but I kept it (mostly) healthy.  The 30-minute workouts were also a lifesaver to getting my body moving with purpose again, and I could tell my core got stronger after just the first week!

Now that the twins are toddlers & weaned, I’m in even better shape, all while staying home with them & working as an online health coach. My daughter is in school now, and my husband is a full-time musician.  I am all about keeping things SIMPLE, so that SUCCESS is found easier.  Identifying your life’s priorities is important, and living your daily actions that honor those priorities is even more important!  The biggest priority for my husband & me is FAMILY.  Our health & the health of our children are extremely important to us.  I am very thankful to be in a position to spend as much time as possible together, teaching them about healthy balance, while we get to live our dreams!