The Better Together Club

Consider this your official invitation to something I consider VERY exciting!

Life is going to take us some crazy places… I know I’ve been through a few things I wouldn’t wish on anyone else, but it’s life.  Whether it’s big stuff or small stuff, I’ve come to realize that it’s easier to get through when you go through it TOGETHER with someone else.  I felt lost and alone when I first became a mom… until I connected with other moms in the trenches with me.  I felt lost and alone when I first started trying to live a healthier lifestyle… until I connected with others doing the same.  I felt lost and alone when I was trying to start my own business… until I formed connections with other entrepreneurs.  I felt lost and alone after losing our baby girl just before 32 weeks without explanation… until I connected with other women/families who have had a similar tragic experience.

You get the picture?

Above are some BIG life things, but it’s nice to have help with small life things too… like the best makeup, shampoo, lotion, nail color, etc to how to use essential oils for better sleep or reducing sickness symptoms to how to get our kids to go the EFF to sleep, eat something besides nuggets, or where to take the family on vaca to the best mattress to the best deal on graphic tanks or the most affordable place to find a put-together looking outfit to how to cook foods like quinoa and like it!

There is just so much “life stuff” that we go through BETTER when we do it TOGETHER with others we are connected in some way to!  So, I’ve created “The Better Together Club” as a place not just for me to share what has helped me do life better, but I want everyone in the group to utilize it as a resource for them to ask questions, give input, vent, inspire, advise, play the devil’s advocate, and make recommendations… so that we are all helping each other!

My goal is for it to be a positive yet REAL environment that can connect women from all over in a private Facebook group.  There will be a variety of short series covering some awesome content that I hope you find helpful, and this group will be ever-evolving depending what the group wants!

If this sounds like something you’d like to be a part of… JOIN US! Be sure to fill out the form to not only get in the group, but to receive the all the info so you never lose it.


The Better Together Club is a safe, fun, positive, real place for women to connect to support each other in living life BETTER!

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