There are so many different kinds of “detox” systems out there on the market. But a big problem to begin with is that most people are lead to believe that detox = big weight loss + most of them aren’t actually healthy. The idea behind a detox should not be having to starve yourself or eat only x number of calories a day. If done right, a detox should make you feel in control of your body because it’s functioning properly!


Here’s what to expect with a proper detox:

Learn how to effectively remove toxins from the body. Long-term exposure to toxins (environmental pollutants, cancer-causing chemicals, preservatives, pesticides, heavy metals, and industrial waste) affects our metabolism, behavior, immune system, and leads to disease.

Prevent chronic disease and illness. Our bodies do have a built-in detox function to deal with these dangers, but those systems are constantly overloaded! Detoxing assists and improves what our bodies are trying to do naturally.

Restore your body back to balance. When we overload our bodies with toxins and unhealthy foods, systems like the hormonal, endocrine, digestive and nervous system, don't work as well as they should and we get sick.

Improve your quality of life. When the body's systems are aligned, a shift also occurs in our mental and emotional states. We can deal with more when we're clear and grounded. Depression may be eased and memory may be improved as a result of detoxification!

Control your sugar and carb cravings. Sugar is eight times more addictive than cocaine. If you are trying to use willpower to lose weight or control your cravings, you will most likely struggle. A detox actually resets the body and taste buds, so you no longer have those cravings! Win-win!

You could have 5-20 pounds of crud and inflammation clogging up your digestive system.

It's not even about the pounds of's more about what that sh*t (literally) is doing to your body and the way it works!

Again, let me reiterate...this is NOT about weight loss. Yes, that can happen and in many cases is an organic side effect of what we are doing. But first and foremost, this is about getting you feeling better and your body working more efficiently. It's about being proactive in your health. 

Here's what you get with the Gut Detox package:

  • A daily serving of fiber that is gluten and lactose free (and tastes amazing!)
  • Two different capsules that are designed to help align the inside of your digestive system and won't have you running to the bathroom
  • A delicious green drink supplement that is specifically designed to protect, enliven and energize the body and to strengthen and support a balanced mood
  • A FREE bottle of ProBioIQ capsules with 6 strains of good bacteria to help you improve your gut biome (one strain helps your body create more of it's own B12!). *I have a $25 discount code for YOU!

This two-week system is designed to fit into your life -- not make it harder. For only $160, you can reclaim your health and start to feel amazing!

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