to improve your overall health… you gotta start with your GUT

Did you know that over 70% of us are walking around with leaky gut & don’t even know it?

Leaky Gut causes inflammation… inflammation is the root of all disease… let that sink in for a minute…

You may have leaky gut if you experience any of these issues:

  • brain fog

  • bloating/gas

  • joint pain

  • inflammation

  • insomina

  • weight loss resistance

  • anxiety/depression

  • constipation

  • stress

  • headaches

  • get sick often

  • feeling “blah” or in a funk

  • autoimmune disease

 If you feel like this is you, that means you CAN control your health… which is GREAT news!

Improving your gut health is best achieved with a multi-faceted approach, but it doesn’t have to be complicated.

Here are some ways to start improving your gut health (they’re explained more indepth in the Master Class):

  • know that there’s no one size fits all approach

  • understand the brain-gut connection when it comes to emotions, hormones, & nutrition

  • limit consumption of toxins (food, drink, cleaners, beauty products, environment, etc)

  • get outside more, even walk barefoot when you can

  • eat more whole foods & less processed foods, choose organic whenever possible

  • do more (or less) things that will reduce stress in your life

  • be choosy about your supplementation, adaptogenic herbs are KEY

  • remove obstructions, toxins, & waste with a detox/cleanse

  • phase your nutrition & supplementation to rebuild your gut lining

  • maintain improved lifestyle habits, nutrition & supplementation

You’re invited to our encore Gut Health Master Class (which will be less than 30 mins guaranteed)!

You’ll learn more about gut health, how to identify if you have leaky gut, proven ways to start improving your gut health asap & hear testimonies.

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