{Health assessment quiz}

Take this short quiz to help me better determine the best plan for YOU!

I need a stimulant like coffee to get going every day. *
My mental + physical energy crashes in the afternoon. *
I'm regular with a bowel movement daily. *
I have the energy + desire to workout at least a few times a week. *
I eat a good variety of healthy foods to get the nutrition I need. *
I sleep through the night. *
I find myself irritable most days. *
I drink at least half of my body weight in ounces of water daily. *
I gain/carry weight in my midsection. *
Using/taking clean, natural products is important to me. *
I suffer from autoimmune issues. *
I deal with joint pain + discomfort in my body. *
I have stress + anxiety that effects my daily life. *
I have allergies + sensitivities. *
I always feel hungry. *
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