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If you have even thought about getting support to improve your fitness & nutrition... NOW is the time! I am offering a VIP Accountability Program that will help you reach YOUR goals from the comfort of your home, while also helping you stay on track on-the-go! This packaged deal is guaranteed to get you results, and I'm SO excited to have the opportunity to coach you in the year 2018!

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You can make AMAZING progress in 21 Days!



Jessica S.

“I wasn’t sure I made much change during the first 3 weeks of my program even though I felt great, but after comparing my before/after pictures I could SEE a lot of change.”

You can make even MORE AMAZING progress if you stick with it longer than 21 days!


Jessica S.

“With the support & accountability of an online group, I was able to make the things I learned in my VIP program part of my every day life, which led to it becoming HABIT to live a healthy lifestyle!”

This is Why This Program Is Different!

Deciding the BEST investment to make with your time and your money when you are ready to get fit and healthy can feel overwhelming, but my program will help you get RESULTS in a way that’s actually easy and affordable!

  My VIP Program Gyms Personal Trainers
24/7 Access
FREE Nutrition Support
FREE Coaching & Accountability
In-Home Training
  $10/mo $30-60/mo $200/mo

These numbers are the average amount that people spend each month on a variety of training methods. They can vary depending on your area and the type of plans you choose.


Just join a gym to lose weight & get in shape, right?!  As easy as that MAY sound, as a mom of three young children, if I relied ONLY on trips to the gym for getting in a workout… there’s no way I could be consistent.  The ONLY way to get real results is with CONSISTENCY and that’s what my program will help you accomplish!  But, to make real changes AND maintain them… nutrition MUST be a big part of what you do.  I will help you will customized nutrition plans that make it EASY for you & your family to eat healthy to maximize your results!  Not to mention, you’ll get to try my secret superfood weight-loss weapon Shakeology as a risk-free part of the plan!

  • VIP All-Access to world-class streaming workout programs you can do anytime, anywhere, from 21 Day Fix and beyond.
  • VIP All-Access to customizable nutrition plans, recipes, & premium nutritional supplements.
  • VIP All-Access to online coaching and accountability.


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What Actual Clients Have To Say!

"As a mom of 4, I love having Beachbody on Demand. It's awesome being able to switch up my workouts. I have a lot of workout programs to choose from, from 21 Day Fix to PiYo to P90X3, when the timing works for ME! And... Shakeology has been key for my nutrition and having a healthy meal that is EASY!"

~ Tracy

"It's so much harder to NOT take the time to workout when you do them in the comfort of your OWN home! Thankful for being able to stream workouts from Beachbody On Demand on my phone while my kiddo can continue to watch her own show... win win! "

~ Leigh Anne

"Whether I'm getting in my workout before work, at school after the kids leave, or once I get home... it is so easy to get it done with BOD! It's an excuse-buster, for sure! It's just easier to get it done on MY time as a full-time working mom. I can tell that my results are even better when I'm on track with my nutrition as well!"

~ Shelley

Join My VIP Program

Make it easy on yourself and commit to a program that will help you get healthy from the inside out, once and for all.  The best part is the long-term support so that you are never left alone feeling unsure of what step you should take next in your journey.  Life has us BUSY… let me help you find your balance!

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