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Welcome to BarefootFitJess Coaching

I know that life can have us juggling too many things at once sometimes!  As a busy mom of three (daughter & twin boys) and a wife of a musician, it is key for me to find a healthy balance for my main priorities.  I’m always working to balance a healthy lifestyle that has helped me have more energy & be in better shape after kids than I was before kids.  My marriage is stronger because I have worked on bettering myself from the inside out.  My whole family is healthier & happier because of simplifying ways to make better nutrition & exercise a part of our every day lives!  It is now a part of my mission to help other people, women, especially moms, find their healthy balance to live happier lives!

Join my online accountability community for support in making healthier changes for yourself & your family!  I offer one on one AND group support after matching you up with a program that is best suited for YOU.  I want to get to know you and hear about YOUR goals, so that YOU can find your healthy balance!



Hear What People Are Saying:

"I put on pants this week that I couldn't button this time last year. I am down almost 2 sizes in 21 days. That is amazing, especially now that I have clothes no one has seen in a year! My friends think I have been shopping and can tell I have lost the weight."

- Megan W.

"I can really tell a huge difference since doing the clean eating course. I don't drink any diet sodas at all... and don't even crave sweets anymore! This is huge... I love eating fruits like I used to with candy, and I have tummy aches if I don't drink my Shakeology. I feel amazing!"

Misty S.

"I followed the week-long clean eating meal plan and the PiYo workout program, and I have lost 7 pounds this week. Amazing the difference a week makes when you eat healthier and are on track with exercise! I am so confident in what I will continue to see results, and this is more doable than I thought."

- Alice O.