My Story 


Hi there, I’m Jessica... aka BarefootFitJess!

Most days you can find me making my way outside to soak up some sunshine while helping my twin boys burn off some energy, messaging with others, mostly women, about their health habits, and hopping on phone calls while they nap. I am mostly known for helping other women find their healthy balance through simplicity and teaching basic skills like reading ingredient lists on products (consumed in & on the body) to optimize the way their bodies function.

People often refer to me as their Fitness or Wellness Coach — or the mom of those cute but crazy twin boys & daughter who’s a great singer (just like her daddy!). I love serving the world by sharing my passion for helping other women, especially moms, live healthier, happier lives. I’ve been through the loss of a daughter at 32 weeks gestation, her stillbirth occurred via c-section (my only one), and my spirituality has actually grown, so I feel a calling to share my message that resulted from my mess.

The things I’m most passionate about are my life’s priorities (faith, family, health, relationships, business, etc) & aligning my actions with them, then helping others do the same… fulfilling a purpose-driven life. I coach & serve people who struggle with weight loss/weight management, hormone imbalance, fatigue, anxiety, inflammation, gut health issues, and those just have no idea where to start with creating healthier habits. 

So where does “barefoot” come into play? To put it simply, I hate wearing shoes! I feel grounded, well-connected and balanced when I’m barefoot (there’s actually science behind it’s health benefits) — and I teach mobility, yoga, & PiYo Live classes shoeless! :)

You can connect with me on Instagram, Facebook, or even my private (and free!) club here!

Here’s to finding your balance!