Nutrition Starter Course Video Series

These videos are from my group that’s a free 5-day experience to teach you some crucial basics about nutrition & it’s relation to overall health & happiness! You will end the week feeling more confident in what you can DO to change your mind, your body, & your life. It will be the springboard you need! Watch (or re-watch) these videos to hear some amazing information to help you make real change, which I believe comes from knowing WHY certain foods, habits, etc are recommended as HEALTHY.

My course is based largely in part off the book “Superlife” by Darin Olien… grab your copy HERE.


NUTRITION is our foundation to living a healthier life! We have to feed our bodies on a cellular level, that’s where our cravings come from… needing to be fed certain nutrients, vitamins, & minerals!
Focus on eating more Whole Foods like veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds, and less processed foods & animal proteins. Organic is important for most produce. Fresh is best, frozen is close to best, and eat canned food very seldom.
We’ll talk more about portion control & what specifically to eat to eat more clean, but start with learning how to read ingredient lists & avoid anything with sugar in it.


This is going to blow your mind!



The importance of oxygen, alkalinity, superfoods, & fat… and the myth about protein!



Nutritional Stress/Detoxification/Clean Eating/How to feed our kids… where it all comes together before we talk about actual foods to start eating!


These videos are just a little of what you’ll learn from reading the book “Superlife”.

I elaborate even more in my Free Nutrition Starter Course and will answer any questions you have, even after the group course is closed.  Listen to and absorb this info!

Jessica Sanford