Great Gift Picks For Living Better

Whether you’re not sure what to ask for as a gift when someone asks you what you want OR you’re not sure what to gift someone else… hopefully this list I put together of things I think are great for anyone wanting to live a more balanced life will help you out (whether for the holiday season or for other occasions throughout the year)!

1. Heavy-Duty Spirlazer

Maybe everyone won’t be elated to receive a kitchen gadget for Christmas, but for someone who’s into healthier eating/cooking… this would be appreciated as it would assist with a variety of recipes!

2. Bluetooth Headphones – Mpow

I didn’t realize how awesome these headphones would be until I owned them myself! My husband got us each a pair for my birthday this year, and I literally use them daily. Whether I’m listening to a podcast, a phone call, an audiobook, or music… these are comfortable to wear and sound great! They last awhile between each charge and make it so easy to listen to what I want to while moving about the house (cooking, laundry, cleaning, etc).

3. Audible Subscription 

Speaking of listening to audiobooks… a subscription to Audible is about $16/month, which gives credit for a book or two each month. Since it downloads the books into the free app, I’m able to listen to books on-the-go and love it!

4. LoveLiftSing Apparel

I love wearing LoveLiftSing athleisure apparel! No matter where you are in your fitness journey, you’ll love the comfort & quality of LLS. The inventory as expanding from what started as awesome graphic tanks to now including other tops, plus leggings & sports bras (separates & sets)! I actually know the owner, Megan Wolery, very well, and she created this company so that there would be more quality fitness apparel pieces out there for all body types… so stay tuned as she continues to expand her inventory even more over the next year!

5. BioZen Plus – Class 1 Medical Device, Magnetic Field Protection

There are so many things in our environment that effect our health, and I became very intrigued when I learned how much Electro Magentic Frequency (EMF, also known as electrosmog) can effect our brain function & DNA. It has the most damaging effect on young children & babies, so as a mom I immediately ordered more than enough to put on every mobile & electronic device in my house! BioZen stickers are small & easy to apply, and they are a certified technology & scientifically proven to reduce the harmful effects of electrosmog. Extreme Low Frequency magnetic fields of uneven strength interfere with our brains so that we stop producing specific repair proteins & hormones. In time, our body reacts and we feel stressed. BioZen smooths these magnetic fields, reducing their negative impact and we feel better. Watch this short video to understand WHY it’s so important to apply these, especially if you are often around young children since their brains are rapidly developing until about age 5:


6. The Universe Has Your Back Journal

I’ve become a big fan of Gabrielle Bernstein since listening to her book “The Universe Has Your Back”, and she just released this journal to accompany your spiritual journey. It’s beautiful & affordable, and we could all benefit from a little daily guidance from the universe.

7. 131 Method

If you follow me at all on social media, you know that 131 Method is a lifestyle program that has changed my life! It’s a 12-week program that teaches you how to eat to reduce inflammation, improve gut health, balance hormones, and lose weight & keep it off!  It’s not a one-size-fits-all meal plan or diet… all habits necessary for living a healthy lifestyle are covered in detail from a variety of experts to help you create what works for YOUR body & YOUR lifestyle. I’ve lost over 30 lbs in less than a year and actually workout less now than I used to. With TONS of recipes and the WHY behind the suggestions given, you or your loved one will be equipped to make real, lasting change towards better health!

I hope this list provided you with gift options or at least inspired some!

Jessica Sanford